фут имя существительное:
нога (leg, foot, shank, hoof, peg, stump)
подножие (foot, base, pedestal)
фут (foot)
стопа (foot, ream)
ступня (foot, sole)
ножка (leg, foot, stem, stalk, pedicle, PIN)
основание (base, basis, reason, bottom, foundation, foot)
опора (support, reliance, bearing, pillar, prop, foot)
шаг (step, move, pace, stride, increment, foot)
лапа (paw, foot, claw, pad, grip, dovetail)
подошва (sole, foot, base, trough)
стойка (rack, bar, stand, counter, pillar, foot)
пята (heel, foot, toe, sole)
пехота (infantry, foot, dogface)
носок (sock, toe, foot)
поступь (tread, step, pace, footfall, footstep, foot)
походка (gait, walk, step, walking, tread, foot)
нижняя часть (bottom, underside, underneath, foot, sole, toe)
нижний край (foot)
осадок (precipitate, sediment, residue, sludge, deposit, foot)
подонки (dregs, vermin, lees, dross, bottom, foot)
оплачивать (pay, pay for, meet, settle, foot, defray)
идти пешком (walk, foot, foot it, tramp)
танцевать (dance, foot, hop, play, prance, foot IT)
подытоживать (add together, foot, add up)
подсчитывать (count, calculate, tally, compute, tally up, foot)
лягать (kick, foot)
надвязывать чулок (foot)
достигать (reach, achieve, arrive, get at, attain, foot)
составлять (be, compose, make up, constitute, make, foot)

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